Waste Management

Ultra Extract for Waste Management in Fayoum and Gamassa

About Ultra Extract Ultra is 100% Egyptian company founded according to the regulations and governing laws regulating the investment in the Egyptian industrial zones. Ultra contributes to the world wide campaign of preserving our environment from being destroyed as a result of our own industrial activities, bringing value-added services to the Egyptian market providing innovative, cost effective, and scalable waste management services. Adopting top notch technologies, making the efficient use of ourresources and applying thelatest management strategies, we hope to achieve our major goal that’s to maintain the satisfaction of our clients and to obtain the lion’s share of the market volume

What ultra can give you

Since a zero-waste industry is a dream that hasn’t yet come true it’s vital to have a pre-approved waste management plan prior to starting your activities and here comes our role. No matter what your industry was, we’ve the qualified consultants to sketch-up a low cost waste management plan to suite your needs and even provide the actual services of managing your waste giving you the chance to focus on your project development free ofwaste management headache.

Our Services For Petroleum Sector

  • Drilling fluids treatment
  • Formation (Hydrocarbons processing)
  • Waste water

Our Technology
Most of our given solutions rotate around the concept of chemical treatment of the waste. However for each case a complete study is perform to determine the optimal treatment Method. We adopted an Egyptian technology that was invented, developed and produced in Egypt at the beginning of the previous decade which can be stated as WASTE TREATMENT BY ACTIVATED COAGULATION, ELECTROLYTIC OXIDATION AND OIL SEPARATION which is registered and protected by the patent office ofthe Arab Republic of Egypt as a core to our industry – from which we are branching as needed according to market needs.We obtained all the necessary authorizations from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) to practice our activities in a way that insures both ofthe service quality and environmental safety.